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Ms-66 question Bank

Ms-66 question Bank (7)

Ms-66 question Bank

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 10:43

MS 66 JUNE 2015

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Term-End Examination
June, 2015
 1. (a) Explain the scope of Marketing Research function giving suitable examples.

 (b) Differentiate between exploratory and descriptive research designs.

 2. CAT (Common Admission Test) is used as a criterion to select students for admission to the IIMs. Apart from IIMs, many other management institutes also select candidates on the basis of CAT. Various CAT coaching institutes offer coaching to CAT aspirants. PQL limited wants to consider the option of entering the CAT coaching business and approached you to conduct a Marketing Research for the same. Design a questionnaire you would use for this research-to help you study students awareness, perception, decision criteria and satisfaction with current institutes.
MS-66 1 P.T.O.
3. (a) Explain with examples, the four types of primary scales used for measurement in
Marketing Research.
(b) What are the various methods used for data collection in Marketing Research ? Explain
any two of them in detail.
4. Write short notes on any three of the following :
(a) Projective Techniques
(b) Multi Dimensional Scaling
(c) Random vs. Non-Random sampling techniques
(d) Problems in conducting Marketing Research in India
(e) Differences between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

December, 2009

Ms-66 : Marketing Research


1. (a) What are the different ways of classification of Data ? Explain.

(b) Illustrate the different methods of graphical presentation of data.

2. A company wants to sell books and accessories for Yoga. Design a questionnaire to profile the potential customers for such products.

3. How is the sample size for a market research survey determined ? Describe the steps involved.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Common Applications of Marketing Research.

(b) Cross Tabulation.

(c) Applications of Conjoint Analysis.

(d) Sources of errors in primary data collection.

(e) Projective Techniques.


5. Study the case given below and answer the questions given at the end.


Snacks India Ltd. is a large company dealing in packaged Indian Snacks. They are mainly selling in India but have also got selling arrangement in some selected foreign countries with significant Indian population. Snacks India Ltd. believes in continous experimentation and helps on launching new snack items in terms of their kind, form, size, taste and prices etc. One such product was a variation of Indian Dhokla with chocolate topping. To their surprise, this became more popular among Indians living in western countries and even some of the western countrymen, as well. Even in India they found that this new product was preferred more by the westernised Indians.  The company decided to launch this product in a big way. So far, this was called just "Chocolate Dhokla". But, the company realised the need to give it an attractive new brand name. After some brain storming they decided that the new brand name must have following characteristics

  1. (a)Uniqueness
  2. (b)Simple to
  3. (c)Evolving pleasurable feelings.
  4. (d)Western associations.

(e)  Conveying the basic idea of the products.

For collecting the names and finally selecting amongst them the company decided to conduct a suitable marketing research.

Question : Prepare a suitable marketing research proposal for Snacks India Ltd. Describe the steps involved in the research.

June, 2010

Ms-66 : Marketing Research


1 (a) Explain briefly the basis of classification of various types of research design available to the researcher.

(b) Identify the major problems in conducting Marketing Research in India. Suggest possible solutions to overcome these problems.

2. (a) What are the various kinds of probability sampling methods ? Write briefly on each

one of them and specify the situations where they could be best used.

(b) Discuss the steps involved in applying discriminant analysis technique. What are its main areas of application in marketing ?

3. (a) What are the various types of scales used in Marketing Research to measure attitude towards a product / service. Explain them in brief.

(b) Explain the purpose of data processing. What are the tasks involved in converting raw data into usable information ?

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Stages in M.K. Process

(b) Sources of Secondary Data

(c) Factor analysis

(d) Application of Marketing Research in Sales and Distribution.

(e) Techniques of Graphical Presentation of Data.


5. (a) Explain your understanding of and  differences between Qualitative and Quantitative research.

(b) A medium sized detergent manufacturer intends to launch a new detergent in North India. It intends to undertake a feasibility study to understand the market potential of the product.

Brand Name : Spark

Price :      Rs. 124/- per kg.

Rs. 93/- per 750 gms

Rs. 65/- per 500 gms

Launch market : Entire Northern Belt

Competition - All major brands from the organised sector.

Design a questionnaire based on the above objective and information.

June, 2011

Ms-66 : Marketing Research


1.  Discuss the situations under which Factor Analysis can be used ? List the steps involved in using Factor Analysis.

2.  What are the different Probability Sampling methods ? Explain with the help of examples.

3.  Describe the precautions that should be taken while conducting marketing research based on secondary data.

4. What are the different Quasi-Experimental Designs used in Marketing Research? Explain the application of any two designs with the help of examples.

5 Write, short notes on any three of the following:

(a)  Conjoint Analysis.

(b)  Data Editing.

(c)  Sample Size Calculations.

(d)  Descriptive Research.

(e)  New Product Research.


6. Read the case given below and answer questions given at the end.


Growth Shravan Ltd.

Growth Shravan Ltd. (GSL) is a company recently launched in the business of marketing audio books. These books are available on various media like CDs, internet, pen drives and i-pods etc. and can be listened through different kinds of electronic devices both stationary and mobile. The great idea behind the company was to top the growing need for acquiring knowledge by busy people. The immediate target customers were considered to be busy executives particularly during their travel time to be followed by students, other professionals and eventually housewives and practically everybody. GSL wanted to go about their marketing efforts in a systematic way. Therefore, they first listed

the information on which they would like .a base their key marketing decisions. They were

(a)  Validation of the target group's definition.

(b)  Detailed profile of their target Customers group.

(c)  Likely buying motivation for audio books.

(d)  Evaluation of audio book features.

(e)  Customers evaluation of audio books against its alternatives.

(f)  Monetary and other costs involved in using audio books.

(g)  Monetary value ascribed to audio books. A suitable marketing research project needs to be designed for providing the above information to GSL.

Questions :

(a)  Prepare a suitable marketing research proposal for helping GSL.

(b)  Develop a suitable questionnaire for the above proposal. 

December, 2011

Ms-66 : Marketing Research


1. (a) Discuss the relevance and the scope for conducting Marketing Research in the current competitive scenario.

(b) Why it is necessary for marketers to estimate the value and cost of information before conducting research ? Elaborate.

2. (a) What type of research objectives and information needs may necessitate use of secondary data ? Identify various sources of secondary data.

(b) Explain the sources of error in primary data collection.

3. (a) What is qualitative research and what are its uses ?

(b) Discuss the various steps involved in data processing in a marketing research study.

4. Write short notes on  any three  of the following ;

(a) Quasi experimental design

(b) Criteria for good measurement

(c) Convenience sampling method

(d) Multi dimensional scaling

(e) Characteristics of a good questionnaire


5. You work in the marketing research department of Burgerking, a fast food firm known for its quality and competitive pricing. Burgerking has developed a new cooking process that makes burgers taste better. However before the new burger is introduced in the market.taste tests will be conducted ?

Questions :

(a) How should the sample size for the taste test be determined ?

(b) Develop a series of questions/questionnaire to obtain feedback post taste tests from the target respondents comprising the young college goers. 

December, 2012

Ms-66 : Marketing Research


1. For each of the following situations, indicate the most appropriate Research Design, giving reasons.

(a)  A Brand Manager wishes to have a better understanding of the image of his/her brand.

(b)  An environmental group decides to conduct an experiment to measure the impact of a publicity brochure designed to raise consumers' awareness about environmental issues and to convince them to recycle.

(c)  A company wants to develop a solar powered mosquito repellent and wants to get an idea of its possible market.

2.What are the different scales used for altitude measurement in marketing research? Explain with suitable examples.

3.  (a)  Explain the steps involved in a sampling process.

(b)  With relevant examples, explain the various probability sampling methods.

4.  Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a)  Methods of conducting Qualitative Research.

(b)  Conjoint analysis Vs Discriminant analysis

(c)  Multi dimensional Scaling.

(d)  Sources of Secondary Data.

(e)  Scope of Marketing Research.


5.  With the onset of summer, demand for petrol/kerosene generators and battery operated inverters increases in the Household (Domestic) segment. Draft a questionnaire, to help gather information for a Marketing Research Project to study consumer perception, purchase criteria usage pattern and satisfaction of  generators/invertors for this segment. 

June, 2013

Ms-66 : Marketing Research


1. (a) Explain the various stages involved in Marketing Research Process.

(b) What is a Research Design ? Explain in brief the different types of Research Designs.

2. (a) What are the steps involved in a sampling process ? Explain.

(b) What sampling technique would you suggest for each of the following situations ? Give reasons for your answer.

(i) A survey by a private airline to understand the preferences and services expected by non business travellers.

(ii) A survey to estimate the awareness of the use of pure water for drinking purposes in the rural areas of Rajasthan.

3. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Primary Scales of Measurement

(b) Validity and Reliability of a scale

(c) Multi Dimensional Scaling

(d) Graphical Presentation of Data

(e) Sources of Error in Primary Data Collection


4. A passenger car manufacturer (mid segment sedan) has approached you to conduct a Marketing Research for him. As a part of this project you are required to develop a questionnaire to understand consumers perception of the brand, buying criteria and their relative importance and level of satisfaction. 

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