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Ms-66 June, 2010 Marketing Research

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June, 2010

Ms-66 : Marketing Research


1 (a) Explain briefly the basis of classification of various types of research design available to the researcher.

(b) Identify the major problems in conducting Marketing Research in India. Suggest possible solutions to overcome these problems.

2. (a) What are the various kinds of probability sampling methods ? Write briefly on each

one of them and specify the situations where they could be best used.

(b) Discuss the steps involved in applying discriminant analysis technique. What are its main areas of application in marketing ?

3. (a) What are the various types of scales used in Marketing Research to measure attitude towards a product / service. Explain them in brief.

(b) Explain the purpose of data processing. What are the tasks involved in converting raw data into usable information ?

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Stages in M.K. Process

(b) Sources of Secondary Data

(c) Factor analysis

(d) Application of Marketing Research in Sales and Distribution.

(e) Techniques of Graphical Presentation of Data.


5. (a) Explain your understanding of and  differences between Qualitative and Quantitative research.

(b) A medium sized detergent manufacturer intends to launch a new detergent in North India. It intends to undertake a feasibility study to understand the market potential of the product.

Brand Name : Spark

Price :      Rs. 124/- per kg.

Rs. 93/- per 750 gms

Rs. 65/- per 500 gms

Launch market : Entire Northern Belt

Competition - All major brands from the organised sector.

Design a questionnaire based on the above objective and information.

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