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Ms-93 December, 2011 Management of New and Small Enterprises

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December, 2011

Ms-93 : Management of New and Small Enterprises


1. (a) Examine the role of Govt.-of India in the development of SSI sector.

(b) "Entrepreneurial Competencies and skills can be developed through suitable training

Interventions" Comment.

2. (a) Discuss the role of Non-Financial Institutions in India for one development and growth of small businesses. Do you feel any need for reorganising these institutions to serve the SSI sector in a better way ?

(b) What factors a small entrepreneur should keep in mind while making the choice of suitable technology for his venture ?

3. (a) How would you assess the market demand for a new product ?

(b) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of partnership form of business organization.

4. (a) What are the hurdles faced by a small business in arranging Bank Finance in India ?

(b) What in market segmentation ? If you were an entrepreneur in the packaged food business, what basis would you use to segment your market. Give reasons for your choice.

5. (a) "An appropriate plant lay out can lower the cost and enhance the productivity" Discuss.

(b) What does human resource planning entail in a small business ?


Read the case study given below and answer the questions given at the end of case.

Case Study Mr. Amit Sharma recently retired from the Central government services. A physical fitness enthusiast and lover of nature and environment, Mr. Sharma has been leading an active life, regularly going to the gymnasium every morning. His wife, Meena, regularly practices yoga in the house. She has been trained by a popular yoga guru when she was much younger. The Sharma's two sons are very well educated. They are married and stay abroad. Their third . son is doing his final year in B. Com . in the local college. Mr. Sharma has been planning to start a business of his own from the retirement benefits

he has received from the Central government. He feels his third son may help him in the business after his graduation. Mr. Sharma had always felt concerned about the low standard of physical fitness of an average Indian. During his early morning walks, Mr. Sharma would discuss with the people and found that starting a health club would offer a

good business opportunity, besides fulfilling an important need of the community. He has visited many health clubs not only in India but also abroad and has a fair idea about the business. Mr. Sharma with the help of his wife is planning to establish a gymnasium and a yoga centre in the health club to be located at Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He would initially cater to the needs of company executives and businessmen. He would later extend the scope of this venture to include housewives and working women too. He is optimistic that with the hectic lifestyle of the present-day business personals and the growing consciousness about good health, he would be able to attract a good number of

customers. He is, however, aware of the financial investment required for the project and would like to be careful before taking any long-term decision in this regard. He would like to estimate the possible demand for this type of service and an indication of the financial returns that he can expect.

6.  (a) Suggest a step-by step procedure to estimate the market demand for this type of activity.

(b) How would you analyse the competitive situation for this enterprise ? Explain. 

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