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Monday, 17 February 2014 12:06

Ms-93 June, 2011 Management of New and Small Enterprises

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June, 2011

Ms-93 : Management of New and Small Enterprises

1.  (a)   Discuss the role that small and micro enterprises can play in ensuring balanced and inclusive growth of our economy and society.

(b) Distinguish between skill and competency. Give suitable examples to support your answer.

2.  (a) What  are  the problems that a young entrepreneur usually faces in India while setting-up a new business ?

(b) Discuss the framework for opportunity scanning and consequent identification of a suitable business for rural India.

3. (a)    As an interpretation in the general  insurance business how would you select intermediaries for selling this service in the rural areas?

(b)        What are the lessons that a prospective entrepreneur can learn from the high failure rates of small business in India?

4.  (a)  Discuss the main sources of financial support for small entrepreneur

(b) Give a detailed overview of project preparation process.

5. Discuss the merits and demerits of different forms of business organization. What key factors guide the choice of ownership form by an entrepreneur?

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