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Ms-423 December, 2012 Marketing of Financial Services

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December, 2012

Ms-423: Marketing of Financial Services

1. Discuss the characteristics of 'Services'. Explain the various marketing orientations and discuss which marketing orientation is appropriate for marketing of Financial Services.

2. What are needs and motives? Explain the influence of an individual's needs and motives on individual perception.

3. What is Product Life Cycle? Explain the application of product life cycle concept to marketing of bank products.

4. What are Pricing objectives? Explain the various methods of pricing financial products.

5. What are the sources of Project Financing  ? Discuss the innovative project financing techniques.

6. How are mutual funds classified? Explain the roles and responsibilities of each constituent of the mutual fund.

7. What are Pension Funds ? Discuss the risks that are associated with pension funds.

8. Discuss the emerging issues and practices in marketing of Financial Services. Explain the different stages in formulating marketing strategies for Financial Services.

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