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Ms-423 Question  Bank

Ms-423 Question Bank (6)

Ms-423 Question Banks,  Marketing Of Financial Services 

December, 2009

Ms-423 : Marketing Of Financial Services

1. What are the different marketing orientations ? Explain the applicability of each of these for marketing of financial services.

2. Explain the Freuidian Model and the Veblenian, behavioural models and discuss their marketing applications.

3. What is branding ? Explain the role and importance of branding in bank marketing.

4. What do you understand by securitisation ? Explain the process of securitisation and its advantages to the various parties.

5. Explain in detail the process of project appraisal. What are the main sources from which project  finance may be raised in India ? Discuss.

6. Differentiate between life and general insurance. Explain the various strategies used for marketing of insurance products.

7. What are pension funds ? Discuss the various types of Pension Plans and the risk they. face. 

8. What is the general profile of an Indian investor ? Discuss the marketing strategies adopted by mutual funds, keeping in view the Indian investor's profile.

June, 2010

Ms-423 : Marketing of Financial Services

1. Discuss the characteristics of services. What are the implications that they create for marketers of financial services ? Discuss.

2. Explain the Marshallian and the Pavlovian, behavioural models and discuss the marketing applications of these models.

3. What is the concept of Product Life Cycle ? Discuss the application of this concept to marketing of banking products.

4. Explain what do you understand by factoring ? Explain its mechanism and distinguish it from discounting of bills and forfaiting.

5. Explain in detail the process of project appraisal. What are the new financial instruments used for project financing ? Discuss.

6. What are the constituents of a mutual fund ? Explain the working mechanism and functions of an Asset Management Company (AMC).

7.  What are pension funds ? Explain how is fund management done in pension funds ?

8. Describe the benefits of insurance investments over other financial investments. Explain how effective marketing will be useful in enhancing the insurance business ?

June, 2011

Ms-423 : Marketing of Financial Services

1.  Explain the difference between products and services ? How do these differences impact the marketing process for financial services ?

2.  Describe the Pavlovian Learning Model and explain the marketing application of this model.

3.  Describe the various services and products that are offered by banks. Distinguish between Bank Guarantee and Letter of Credit.

4.  Explain the various methods used for pricing of financial products.

5.  What do you understand by Customer Relationship Management in banks ? Explain the various activities that constitute customer relationship marketing.

6.  Discuss the various financial instruments that are used for project financing and point out their advantages to the investors.

7.  Describe the various constituents of a mutual fund. Explain the working mechanism of an Asset Management Company.

8.  What are networked banks? Explain the various strategies that can be used to compete as a networked bank. 

December, 2011

Ms-423 : Marketing of Financial Services

1. Describe the essential characteristics of financial services and explain how the differences between products and services affect the financial services ?

2.  Define customer value and customer satisfaction ? Discuss the service triangle model as suggested by Karl Albrecht in detail.

3. What are the services provided by merchant bankers ? Discuss the role played and activities undertaken by issue managers in providing these services.

4.  (a) Explain the advantages that mutual funds have over other forms of investment as well as those that are unique to them ?

(b) What services of outside agencies are hired by Asset Management companies to manage affairs of mutual funds ?

5. Explain in brief the vablenian social - sociological model and discuss at length the marketing applications of the veblenian model.

6. 'Marketing strategy can bridge the Gap between problems and constraints on one hand and scope and opportunities on the other, Explain ? Discuss the marketing strategies that mutual funds should adopt in order to be successful.

7. What is 'Internet Banking' ? Explain how internet banking can be used as a strategic marketing tool by the banks ?

8. Write short notes on  any four of the following :

(a) Code of conduct for stock brokers

(b) Referral markets

(c) Hybrid Pension  Plans

(d) Call center

(e) Cross - selling of services

(f) Channels of Distribution for Banks. 

December, 2012

Ms-423: Marketing of Financial Services

1. Discuss the characteristics of 'Services'. Explain the various marketing orientations and discuss which marketing orientation is appropriate for marketing of Financial Services.

2. What are needs and motives? Explain the influence of an individual's needs and motives on individual perception.

3. What is Product Life Cycle? Explain the application of product life cycle concept to marketing of bank products.

4. What are Pricing objectives? Explain the various methods of pricing financial products.

5. What are the sources of Project Financing  ? Discuss the innovative project financing techniques.

6. How are mutual funds classified? Explain the roles and responsibilities of each constituent of the mutual fund.

7. What are Pension Funds ? Discuss the risks that are associated with pension funds.

8. Discuss the emerging issues and practices in marketing of Financial Services. Explain the different stages in formulating marketing strategies for Financial Services.

June, 2013

Ms-423: Marketing Of Financial Services

1. Discuss the various financial services markets in India and comment on some of the recent developments in these markets.

2. What is individual perception ? Discuss its influence on learning and habit development with reference to consumer behaviour.

3. Explain the banking products and services and discuss the concept of product mix with reference to Banks.

4. Explain the development of different types of bank branches and other models of delivery of banking services.

5. What do you understand by securitisation ? Discuss its salient features and the process

adopted for this purpose.

6. Describe different types of Non-Life Insurance products and describe the strategies used for marketing of life insurance products.

7. What is Internet Banking ? Discuss the various phases through which the banks undergo while developing internet banking presence.

8. How is the consumer orientation of financial service providers likely to change in the light of globalisation ? Discuss. 

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