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Ms-5 Dec 2011

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MS-5   Dec, 2011


1. (a) Discuss conceptual model of an operations   system. Explain some of the performance objectives in operations management.

(b) Explain the frame work of organising and   control in a production system.

2. (a) What are different types of process forms   in manufacturing system which are used to effect transformation of inputs into outputs ? Explain with examples.

(b) Choose a major facility of any organization   ( manufacturing) and develop a detailed

layout for the same.

3. (a) What are the different types of material   handling equipment used in large industries ? What type of material handling system would you recommend for a cement plant.

(b) Discuss advantages and disadvantages of "codification and 'Standardization' of

material." Use examples.

4. (a) Discuss purchase procedure with the help   of a schematic diagram.

(b) Explain common approaches for price determination.

5. (a) Discuss systems of vendors evaluation and   rating. Also give its importance.

(b) List different steps of value engineering   approach, used as a product design tool.

6. (a) Explain operating characteristic curve. With the help of the 0.0 curve explain simple sampling plan.

(b) Discuss objectives of maintenance management. List different types of maintenance systems prevalent in manufacturing organisations.

7. . (a)   List some of the major line Balancing methods. Explain any one of the method.

(b) What do you understand by scheduling ? Discuss various dispatching rules as used

in Industry

8. Write short note on any two of the following :

(a) Materials Requirement Planning

(b) Economic order Quantity

(c) Critical Path Method

(d) Job Design

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