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1 Mention the skills required to be an entrepreneur ?

2 Define management. Discuss the various management iszues in tourism?

3 Define the {ollowing in about 100 words each :
(i) Business Traveller
(ii) Balance Sheet
(iii) Projgct Appraisal
(iv) Controlling

4 Discuss the steps you would take to plan a convention?

5 Discuss the relevance of public relations in tourism business?

6 What do you understand by Human Resource Management ? Discuss its importance for tourism organisations?

7 Write an essay on food service management ?

8 How has information technology changed the management functions in tourism? Answer with examples.

9 Discuss the significance of management concept and the roles and responsibilities of a manager in present day competitive and multinational
business environment.?

10 What kind of qualities are required to become a successful Entrepreneurship in Tourism ?

11 Discuss the various views related to organisation structures?

12 What is Transactional Analysis ? Discuss its importance in relation of Tourism Business?

13 Write a note on Human Resource Management in Tourism ?

14 Discuss the role of I.T. on the various sectors tourism. Give relevant examples ?

15 Discuss the essential components of a tour package?

16 Discuss the role of Public Relation in tourism.?

17 Do you think Low Cost Carriers in India can survive for long ? Give your opinion with relevant examples.

18 "Convention is an integral part of modern tourism business." Comment ?

19 Discuss the role of small and Medium Enterprises in economic growth of a country?

20 Discuss the important management issues involved in tourism trade.

21 What are the various steps involved in planning ? Discuss with reference to a tourism

22 Discuss the importance of interpersonal behaviour in tourism business?

23 Write short notes (any two) :
(a) Ego States
(b) Life Position
(c) Recruitment
(d) Selection Process

24 What are the different components of Marketing Mix in tourism ? Which one would you recommend for Indian Tourism ?

25 . Write short notes (any two) :
(a) Profit and Loss statement
(b) Balance Sheet
(c) Profitability Analysis
(d) Break Even Point

26 Differentiate between tour operator and travel agent. What are the various linkages in 
travel trade ?

27 Discuss the importance of Public Relation in Tourism ?

28 How do you foresee the future of Convention Industry in India ?

29 Define Management. Mention the roles and responsibilities of a Manager in a tourism

30 Why is decision making important in tourism trade ? Discuss the steps involved in decision making.

31 Explain Conflict. Discuss how conflict influence inter-group relations and group performance ?

32 Discuss the importance of human resource management in tourism ?

33 Write an essay on sources of finance?

34 As a manager, what type of briefings would you give to your subordinates for the smooth conduct of a tour ?

35 Analyse various issues related to tourism transport management?

36 What are the managerial tasks involved in organising conventions ?

37 Explain the responsibilities of a tour manager in conducting a tour?

38 Write about 300 words each on any two of the following :
(a) Management issues in hotels
(b)Public relations in Tourism
(c) Profitability analysis

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