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Supply Chain Management papers

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(107) Explain the interfacing between logistics and functional members of the
supply chain, with examples?

(108) Logistics is a strategic resource; discuss the same in the global context?

(109) Explain global sourcing and its advantages and disadvantages. How can you
arrive at the best course of action for global sourcing?

(110) Explain world-class management model in respect to SCM?

(111) Explain in detail the process of re-engineering?

(112) What are the benefits of re-engineering in supply chain?

(113) Explain the benefits of integrated approach for implementation of SCM?

(114) It is a fact; SCM and BPR have a common goal and are interrelated.Explain the sentence with examples?

(115) Explain the parallels between the BPR & SCM philosophy?

(116) Integration of supply and demand chain will go a long way to build and
effective SCM system. Discuss with examples?

(117) Explain with examples demand and demand management?

(118) Explain the various models of SCM?

(119) Explain push-pull model with relevant examples?

(120) Discuss the role of Internet in SCM. Explain e-business and e-commerce?

(121) What is Bullwhip effect? Explain the various permutations and combinations to reduce this effect in SCM?

(122) What are the reasons for variability in the supply chain? Explain in detail with relevant examples?

(123) How do you link goods flow, information flow and cash flow in SC integration? Explain with appropriate diagram?

(124) Define logistics and elucidate with appropriate examples in the Indian context?

(125) Explain the various factors of logistics with special reference to transportation?

(126) What are the stages for selection the appropriate transport mode and why?


(127) Why is transportation important in a firms supply chain?

(128) What is more important-inbound or outbound logistics in a supply chain?

(129) Give relevant examples of the problems involved in logistics activity. How can we overcome them?

(130) What is a supply chain and what is effective SCM?
(131) What are the factors that link supply chain?

(132) How can customer service be improved by proper implementation of SCM?

(133) What are the fundamental concepts on which customer focused marketing is built on?

(134) Can you define Basic Customer Service?

(135) Why SCM became an important managerial issue during 1990s?

(136) Do you see any difference between a functional and an innovative product? How these differences influence the supply chain design and its performance objectives?

(137) Explain various supply chain processes for an integrated SCM. Are there any other processes that you can think of ?

(138) What are the primary responsibilities of logistics group and marketing group within an organization? Why there is a conflict between the two? What measures can be taken to enhance cooperation?

(139) What are the differences between manufacturing/logistics approach when the basis for competing is
i) Cost leadership
ii) Differentiation

(140) Logistics is the function that is responsible for the flow of materials into, through and out of an organisation. Elaborate?

(141) These are many possible structures for SC, but the simplest view has materials converging on an organising through tiers of suppliers and products diverging through tiers of customers. Elaborate?

(142) It is said that the overall aim for logistics is to achieve high customer satisfaction or perceived product value. This must be achieved with acceptable costs. How would you find the best balance?

(143)What is Physical Distribution Management? Describe its components? Also, elucidate the total approach to PDM?

(144)Describe the evolution of Supply Chain concept. What in your opinion is the most important stage?

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