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(71) How is the right ERP Package selected for a medium sized manufacturing organization?

(72) Can ERP software package be applied in (i) Process Industry (ii) Service Industry? Why and why not?

(73) Discuss i2 Technology software products for manufacturing applications. What salient features are found in i2 products?

(74) Compare and contrast ERP software package of either SAP or BaaN with i2 package?

(75) BaaN and SAP have ventured to enhance their software products for supply chain management environment. Is this a right approach? Why and why not?

(76) What steps are to be followed while implementing IT software packages for supply chain management? Do these steps vary from package to package? How are they standardized?

(77) In the IT based supply chain management, what criteria can be recommended to measure the performance of manufacturing organization? Explain the merits and demerits of your recommendations?

(78) Making changes in a manufacturing company is probably the hardest thing that civilized man has ever set out to achieve  give your comment on this statement in context with the organization switching to supply chain management?

(79) Distinguish between independent and dependent demand inventory system. Why inventory control system is not practiced for dependent item material planning?

(80) Give major inputs of MRP. Identify the sources through which these inputs are obtained. Give your answer for both Make to Stock (Make to Forecast) and Make to Order situations?

(81) Prepare a flow chart for Material Requirement Planning logic. Illustrate the basic mechanics of the logic for a simple product like a ballpoint pen. Assume all the necessary data for your selected product?

(81) What is MRP-II? How is it different from MRP?
(82) Define ERP. Give its tangible and intangible benefits?

(83) Why a company pursues a new ERP solution?

(84) What are the three distinct phases of Distribution Requirement Planning?

(85) Explain the DRP logic for a medium size soft-drink manufacturing company.How is the safety stock decided in such distribution system?

(86) Compare and contrast DRP and DRP-II?

(87) Give the key processes considered in both ERP and SCM. How are these rocesses different from one another?

(88) What are the supply chain management pitfalls? How are these pitfalls being eliminated?

(89) Briefly explain the supply chain planning and a few software for SCP?

(90) The leading SCP products generally have many features as compared to RP software packages Give your elaborate remarks on this statement?

(91) Define Information Technology. What are the advantages and disadvantages f adoption of IT in Indian Manufacturing Organizations?

(92) What is the value of information? How would you try to assess the value of
information to a decision-maker?

(93) Explain briefly the Inter Organizational Information system. How is IOIS important for effectivesupply chain management?

(94) What are the fundamental mistakes commonly made while capturing information? How would these mistakes be eliminated in SCM?

(95) Give various supply chain information categories. Give examples of information contained in these categories?

(96) What are the major advantages and disadvantages of inquiry systems in which data are captured on-line but files are updated later � say at night?

(97) How would you measure the extent of unemployment created by the implementation of IT? What factors tend to mitigate the problem of increased
unemployment if it actually occurs?

(98) Does IT have an impact beyond the organization, for example, on stockholders or customers? What kinds of effect occur and what problems
are created for these groups?


(99) What is the IT enabled organization design variables? How do they
supplement or replace conventional design variables?

(100) What are the risks for a small company connecting itself electronically with
major customers?

(100) What kinds of employees are most likely to be replaced by Information
Technology? Does your answer depend on the type of system? Are the decision levels affected?

(101) Write a brief note on the following:
i) Electronic commerce
ii) Electronic Data Interchange
iii) Bar Coding and Scanning
iv) Data Warehouse
v) Internet
vi) Intranet/Extranet
vii) World Wide Web
viii) Decision Support System

(102) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Bar Code and Scanning
System in the Manufacturing Organizations?

(103) Give a list of potential benefits of using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
Who are the service providers of EDI in India and their terms and

(104) Compare and contrast EDI, Internet, and Intranet/Extranet. How are they
applied in SCM?

(105) Explain in brief international SCM?

(106) How can you organize your company for global markets? Give relevant
examples to elucidate your point?

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