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Thursday, 03 December 2015 10:49

Supply change management part II

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(37) As a warehouse manager list out your duties from receiving the goods to its delivery to the manufacturer or to the end consumer?

(38) The most common method for evaluating non-economic factors in a facility location study is to use a scoring model Why? Justify your answer?

(39) Is it true that subjective criteria in plant location models focus on long-run cost effects? If yes, Why?
(40) Explain transportation mix with relevant examples?

(41) What are the various techniques of cost reduction?

(42) Explain MTO in detail with specific examples from those outside the unit?

(43) Explain the procedure of transport and carrier selection. Why is it carried out and what are the major characteristics?

(44) Why is fleet sizing necessary? Elucidate with relevant examples?

(45) What is routing and scheduling? Explain in the Indian context?

(46) What are the different constraints of routing?

(47) Suggest a futuristic transport profile for a growing company?

(48) Why is Supply Chain Performance required to be measured?

(49) Todays management cant afford to focus only on companys performance in a vacuum; there is an emerging requirement to focus on the performance of the extended supply chain or network in which company is a partner. Comment!

(50) What is the need for Supply Chain Performance Measures? What are the factors that contribute to managements need for new types of measures for managing the supply chain?

(51) Discuss in detail about the supply chain performance measurement system. Highlight the similarities/ dissimilarities in any two of these measures?

(52) Define Benchmarking. Define its role in improvement of organizational efficiencies?

(53) What are various kinds of challenges faced during the process of benchmarking?

(54) Benchmarking is a continuous process. Express your opinion in favor or against it giving reasons?

(55) What the various challenges especially in the area of Human Resources faced during Benchmarking process?

(56) Highlight the Key issues in Benchmarking Case 1?

(57) Highlight the Key issues in Benchmarking Case 2?

(58) Logistics Management impacts not only upon the profit and loss account of business but also upon the balance sheet? Comment!

(59) When Christopher says that supply chains compete, not companies what exactly does he mean. Evaluate this statement from the cost point of view?

(60) What were the reasons for the fall of management accounting? Explain activity based costing and mention the benefits it had over the management accounting?
(61) What are cost drivers in a supply chain? Take the case of a paper manufacturing company and portray all its cost drivers?
(62) What is Customer Profitability Analysis? Why it has gained importance in the recent times. Is it ethical to deny a customer that is not profitable?

(63) What are the deciding factors for a manufacturing organization to switch from the current work practice to that of IT based? 

(64) What is the right technology that protects investment in a changing environment? Give your answer specific to an Indian Manufacturing Organization?

(65) Identify suitable IT packages to suit small, medium, and large manufacturing organizations. Give your choices with justifications  both technical and economical?

(66) What are the various modules of SAP R/3? Briefly discuss the content of each module?

(67) Explain briefly each module of BaaN IV?

(68) Compare and contrast ERP software products of at least two established brands?

(69) Give important benefits of Manufacturing, Finance, and Distribution modules of BaaN IV?

(70) How is the Project module of SAP R/3 comparable to that of BaaN IV?

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