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Ms-7 june 2011

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MS-7   june, 2011



1. (a) What is the purpose of a computer aided decision support system ? What are the

major components of such a system ? How does it help the decision making process ?

(b) What are the various types of networks ? Write a detailed note on the advantages

of networks.

2. (a) What is the need of information in present day society ? Why is it necessary to have a structure in an organization ?

(b) Compare and contrast programmed decision - making information system and decision assisting information system.

3. (a) How the financial systems, facilitated by computer software are important for economy of data processing and administrative efficiency ?

(b) What are integrated software applications ? Write a detailed note on their advantages and business utility.

4. (a) What are data models ? How you would classify the data models ? Differentiate between various data models with the help of an example.

(b) Why is metadata an important component of a data warehouse ? What is a metadata repository and how is it used by the query manager component of a data warehouse ?

5. (a) What is outsourcing information system ? Write detail note on the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing .

(b) "With so many ready made and customised software available. The need for a manager is to learn to use them effectively rather than learn to program them". Do you agree ? Justify.

6. (a) What are expert systems ? Mention the working principles of expert systems. Also discuss how knowledge can be represented in expert system.

(b) What are the hardware and software issues for the technology for convergence ? Also explain what do you understand by soft switched - based applications ?

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