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Ms-68 question Bank

Ms-68 question Bank (7)

Ms-68 question Bank

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 10:48

MS 68 JUNE 2015

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Term-End Examination
June, 2015
 1. Briefly discuss the key behavioural concepts that are relevant in the conception and development of suitable communication plan in the following situations :

 (a) On-line Management Program

 (b) Chain of Fast Food Joints

 2. (a) Why is Message design and development of Vital importance in every advertising campaign planning across product categories ? Explain with two suitable examples of your choice.

 (b) Briefly explain the various methods used to conduct advertising effectiveness research.
MS-68 1 P.T.O.
3. (a) What are the various types of media available to the Indian Advertisers ? Discuss. (b) Why is media selection process considered as a crucial task ? Elaborate.
4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

 (a) Rural Media Scene

 (b) One-sided Vs two-sided Message

 (c) Effectiveness of Internet advertising

 (d) Consumer promotions

 (e) Functions of Advertising Agency

December, 2009

Ms-68 : Management Of Marketing



1. (a) What are the stages involved in Promotional Planning and Strategy ? Explain the same by taking an example of a product of your choice.

(b) What do you understand by composition of an advertisement ? What factors are taken

into consideration for the same ? Give suitable examples.

2. (a) What is Media Scheduling ? What are the various types of Media Schedules that are available to an Advertiser ?

(b) Discuss the differences and similarities between traditional and internet Advertising

with suitable example.

3. (a) What is Trade Promotion ? How is it different from Consumer Promotion ? What

are the basic considerations useful in systematic organisation of Trade Promotion ? Discuss with suitable examples.

(b) How does the Marketing Communication Strategy vary with the different stages of

Product Life Cycle ? Explain with reference to Maturity and Decline Stages.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Direct Mail

(b) Sources of Misunderstanding in Communication

(c) Copy Testing

(d) Social Marketing Communication

(e) Methods of Setting Advertising Budgets


5. XYZ is a well known rice      brand in North India. The company owning this brand now wants to enter the Ready-to eat food market. The company wishes to market both  vegetarian (Vegetable, Soups, Snacks etc.) and non-vegetarian (Chicken Curry, Chicken Biryani etc.) food products on a national scale.

Advise a promotional plan to the company covering the following aspects :

(i) Creative Messages for the Advertisement

(ii) Media Planning Strategy.

June, 2010

Ms-68 : Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising



1(a) Explain the concepts of frequency reach, effective reach frequency and continuity.

(b) What are the media considerations to be taken into account for promotion of an online-matrimonial site ?

2(a) Discuss the integrated marketing communication and its implications for advertising.

(b) What are the most common techniques that creative thinkers use to stimulate new advertising ideas ?

3. (a) What are the various types of tests used for testing advertising effectiveness. Briefly describe any three of them

(b) How are advertising budgets prepared. Briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the objective and task method.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Difference between direct marketing and personal selling.

(b) Branding and its role in advertising.

(c) Role of public relation in promotion.

(c) Creative approaches in social advertising

(e) AIDA Model versus DAGMAR Model.


5. Study the case given below and answer the questions given at the end :


GCMMF tried its hand at Paneer marketing by testing a brand called Sugam, in Baroda in the mid 1990s. The product was refined, fine-tuned and ready for a large scale roll out. The real challenge was to overcome the 'freshness' barrier. Could Amul tackle doubts about its freshness ? Freshness matters so much to the consumer that she is willing to go an extra mile, to her regular paneer shop for getting real fresh  paneer ! Amul had already set up a cold chain to handle its  ice cream marketing. It was felt that cold chain would help deliver 'freshness' to the discerning consumer. But it was felt that it had to be  perceived differently from the neighbourhood paneerwala !Amul Malai Paneer It started with the name. Amul  paneer was not just paneer but was 'malai paneer' connoting : the vital quality of paneer as its ingredient made from rich cream a grainy texture that absorbs better (and is  not rubbery) The packaging was technologically designed to 'seal in' the freshness of  paneer. The pack graphics portrayed an appetizing shot of a  "paneer dish, "paneer peas masala". The pack's shelf (or freezer) appeal was aimed at giving it a premium feel ! Communication for Amul Malai Paneer The communication task for Amul  malai paneer was to drive home the point about it being soft, rich, creamy ! It was felt that the basic benefits of a branded packaged product, like those of hygiene, weight, price, will be obvious to the  consumer. The communication, therefore, had to work on selling the 'taste' of the product, more than anything else. The 'taste' had to be sold without going against any established beliefs that might exist in the consumers' minds. This, it was felt, would be best achieved through the use of humor. The Amul paneer TV commercial was centred around the great taste of paneer (visually seen in softness and richness) which is so good that it even helps and amnesia patient recover his lost memory ! The TV commercial was supported by limited press advertising during the launch phase. Amul rnalai paneer, as per Amul corporate values, was also priced attractively ! Post-launch researches have shown that the brand has gained high trials. The TV commercial has been well remembered and liked. With Amul inalai paneer, GCMMF has managed to open up yet another large opportunity for the Amul brand to take its message into more homes: The taste of India Rules! Amul Malai Paneer : Brand Building Tips Ethnic foods can successfully leverage the emotional links of 'home-mother-wife' while offering the key benefits of 'taste' and 'ease of use'. Amul malai paneer advertising used humour in a 'home' setting to deliver its 'home taste' offer successfully.

Questions :

(a) Briefly comment on the advertising strategy of Amul malai paneer.

(b) What are the kind of media vehicle options available for such mass market FMCG products.

(c) What are the ways in which Amul malai paneer can generate awareness at the store level.

June, 2011

MS-68 : Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising



1.  (a) Different people buy same products / Brands for different motives. Discuss the above statement and identify the possible buying motives of a young professional for club membership.

(b) Explain the relationship between "Message design" and "positioning".

2.  What criteria would you adopt for measuring the ad-effectiveness of the following ? Justify giving reasons for your answers.

(a) "Save Tiger" Campaign on Television by sports personnel.

(b) Short film shows by Health Department educating prevention of communicable diseases targetted at rural folk.

(c)  Print campaign of the recently concluded IPL 2010.

3.  (a) Discuss briefly the steps involved in media planning. How would media options differ in the following cases :

(i)  fairness creams for men

(ii)  video games for children

4.  Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a)  Copy Testing

(b)  Managing Sales promotion in Services Marketing.

(c)  Ethics in Advertising.

(d)  Rural media Scene

(e)  Direct marketing


5.  (a)   More people lose their life in road accidents than in warfare. Develop a suitable social marketing campaign for promoting sate driving habits among young adults in India.

(b) An advertising agency is not sure whether a core idea featuring "Value for money" Or "Technical know-how" will be most effective. Assume that the advertising campaign for the new video camera is to be launched within the next 4-6 weeks, what approach would you suggest to select the core idea ? Explain. 

December, 2011

Ms-68 : Management  of Marketing Communication and Advertising



1.(a) Discuss the concept of Integrated Marketing Communication as a tool for market development strategies.

(b) What is media buying ? How would an advertiser know his return on media investment ?

2(a) "Advertising research can provide guidance, but cannot guarantee success". Substantiate.

(b) What creative considerations would you recommend while planning for an advertising campaign of a recently improved product of your choice ? Make suitable assumptions if necessary.

3. (a) Sales promotions are conceived with a purpose. Discuss the different types of sales

promotions methods that firms can pursue for increased sales, giving suitable examples.

(b) Outline the reasons for the growth of Internet as a preferred advertising medium by advertisers worldwide. What are its major benefits and limitations for sellers and buyers ?

4. Write short notes on  any three  of the following :

(a) Sources of misunderstanding in communication

(b) Techniques of determining promotion budget

(c) Measuring the performance of sales promotion

(d) Social marketing communication

(e) Major functions of advertising agency


5. What do you understand by the term 'promotion mix' ? Suggest suitable promotion mix for the following :

(a) Vacuum cleaner

(b) Car rental services

(c) CNG kits for passenger cars 

December, 2012

Ms-68 : Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising


1.  (a)  Explain the various sources of misunderstanding that may thwart the process of marketing communication, giving suitable examples.

(b)  In what ways the advertisers make use of consumer learning concepts ?

2.  (a)  Your organization has come up with a new brand of toothpaste. As the marketing

manager, how would you assign different roles to the various promotional mix elements keeping into consideration the ' Hierarchy of Effect' model ?

(b)  Illustrate the use of colour in creation of an effective message.

3.  (a)  Explain the different types of media schedules available to the advertisers.

(b)  What are the major differences between internet advertising and conventional form of mass advertising ? Explain giving suitable examples.

4.  Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a)  Use of Public Relations in marketing.

(b)  Pre-testing and Post-testing.

(c)  Social communciation Vs Brand advertising.

(d)  Consumer Attitudes and Advertising.

(e)  Agency positioning strategies.


5.  (a)  Taking any fast moving consumer good of your choice explain how you would go about managing a consumer promotion scheme.

(b)  School going kids are seen to compromise on their fun reading habits. Which media

would you select to encourage their reading habits and why ? 

June, 2013

MS-68: Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising


1. (a) Explain some of the important learning theory concepts of relevance to advertisers.

(b) Discuss the Ethical Issues in Advertising giving suitable examples.

2. (a) Why would you prefer using radio when the average urban Indian spends comparatively greater time on television ? Explain.

(b) What are the major issues in measurement of advertising effectiveness ? Explain.

3. Develop an appropriate promotional strategy for a tourist destination of your liking.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Marketing Communication Process

(b) Advertising Vs Publicity

(c) Legal issues in Advertising

(d) Indian Media Scene

(e) Direct Mail


5. (a) Marketing communication is all about successful transmission of clear message that

results in effective reception. Yet many a times the distortion creeps in. Identify and describe one commercial that according to you communicates effectively and one that does it ineffectively. Justify your answer.

(b) Plan a campaign that promotes traffic sense in your city.

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