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Ms-65 June, 2013 Marketing of Services

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June, 2013

Ms-65 : Marketing of Services


1. (a) Discuss 'Inseparability' and 'Perishability' as characteristics of services. Also describe their marketing implications for a hospital.

(b) What are the additional three 'Ps' of service Marketing Mix ? Discuss each . Also discuss the relevance of 'Services Marketing Triangle' for a consultancy company.

2. (a) "One of the most significant differences between goods and services is that in goods search qualities dominate while services are dominated by experience and credence qualities." Discuss the above statement with suitable examples.

(b) Describe the 'Psychological Factors' influencing the buyer behaviour of services,

with suitable examples.

3. (a) What are the major methods of distribution in services ? Discuss with suitable examples.

(b) Discuss the importance of 'Internal Marketing' for a service organisation.

4. Write short notes on any three :

(a) Segmentation in the Tourism Market

(b) Measuring Service Quality

(c) Strategies for Managing Demand

(d) Classification of Product Support Services

(e) Service Recovery Strategies.


5. Rockland Group has entered into the health care during the last decade, during the time when large health care companies like Apollo, Forties, Max and many others were already established. Rockland decided not to go for very large size hospitals but to have a network of relatively smaller size properties.

(a) What could be possible 'Distribution' related strategies Rockland has adopted, which

might give them an advantage over its competitors ?

(b) What are the various non-monetary costs relating to Health Care Services ? Explain.

(c) Suggest a suitable promotion mix for the Rockland Hospitals

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