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Ms-65 December, 2012 Marketing of Services

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December, 2012

Ms-65 : Marketing of Services


1.  (a)  With the help of suitable examples, explain the concept of 'Services Marketing Triangle'. (b)  Explain the four modes of service delivery in international trade of services, giving examples of each.

2.  (a)  Identify a particular service organisation for which you believe 'physical evidence' is particularly important in communicating with customers. Prepare the text of a presentation as a manager of that organisation highlighting the importance of physical evidence in the organisation's marketing strategy.

(b)  In what specific ways does the distribution of services differ from the distribution of goods? List some benefits the companies can get in electronic distribution of services.

3.  (a)  Choose a local restaurant or some other type of service with fluctuating demand. What is the likely underlying pattern of demand ? What causes the pattern ? Is it predictable or random ?

(b)  What is Service Quality? Why do customers experience difficulty in judging service Quality ?

4.  Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a)  Family Life Cycle and need for financial services.

(b)  Promotional strategies for educational services.

(c)  Reasons for growth of the service sector.

(d)  Service guarantees.

(e)  Yield Management.


5.  Do you agree with the following statements ? Justify your answer.

(a)  Reasons for customer switching are not controllable from a service Organisation's point of view.

(b)  Service waiting (customer waiting) can be controlled only by 'operations management'.

(c)  Pricing strategy for services includes much more than determining what to charge.

(d)  In case of services, consumers rely more on personal sources of information for pre-purchase evaluation. 

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